Featured Works

Graduation Collection “Anti Fatale Escalation” of New Nude by Willem de Kooning Academy student Claire van Donselaar https://www.instagram.com/newnudeofficial/

My Work


New Gup 2020 Photo Talent nominee – Oktober 2019

WORM Rotterdam “KLAUN // QUEER Klub Night Expo” (sponsored by WORM Rotterdam & KLAUN collective) – July 2019

Willem de Kooning Art Academy “Rotterdammerts in Beeld” – May 2019

Museum Garage Rotterdam “Garage Cafe #7” – September 2018

Toko Trash “Show Your Art” (sponsored by Rotterdam Pride) – September 2018

WORM Rotterdam, institute of avant-garde art “DIVE festival” – March 2018

About Me

Jonathan Oron: film photographer

I started photographing around the age of nine. One day, on my way back from school I saw this golden coloured goose by a town canal. I thought it was so extraordinary and was determined to capture it. I ran back to my house and grabbed the family camera, a Fuji compact camera that worked on filmroll. I managed to get the shot and was so eager to get the roll developed. That feeling of anticipation, mystery and excitement never left me and is the reason why I am a film photographer today.

I received my second camera, a SLR vintage Praktika, from my aunt, who had studied at art academy. It was a very special moment for me, because my aunt got the camera from my grandfather who I was very close to. She showed me the basics and I started travelling with it everywhere. During this time I began conceptualising the limited shots I had and created little series for myself, which I shared with friends and family.

It wasn’t until I had my first exhibition that I finally realized that I had something special and that through photography I could do what I have always dreamed of doing; making my mark on the world.


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